Software Solutions for Augmentative and Alternative Communication

The software solutions presented here („Talker“) evolved over the last 2 years within the context of the ALS disease of a close person involved (January 2019). 

As our main business relates to Audio/Video software development (, it was an obvious task for us, to develop lean and effective communication solutions for the person concerned.

The three programs „BeneGrid“, „VirtuSwitch“ und „TalkTable“, and the various created onscreen keyboards, are covering different degrees of constraints. Of course they also can be used for similar heavy physical disabilities like i.e. stroke, accidents with skull-/brain injuries, spastics, multiple sclerosis,         tumor etc.

We hope that these solutions, created from daily practice, will be a help for other people with physical disabilities and no own voice.

For inquiries to complete installations, individual adjustments, developments and optimizations, especially on macOS and iPhone / iPad systems, please feel free to contact us.

Bernd Schönhaar

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