OnScreen Keyboard+

The „OnScreen Keyboard+" with word prediction is available in two variants for different user preferences. In the first case, the additional keys are placed above the standard keyboard, in the second case below.

The additional keys represent the majority of the functions required in everyday life for the fluid operation of a computer.

Furthermore, there are four direct trigger buttons, which bring the "Safari" browser included in the system, the "Notes" application, "Mail" and "BeneGrid" directly into the foreground. The "read aloud" button allows you to play previously created texts.

A very helpful (and also included in "BeneGrid") function key is the "AppSwitch" button. When pressed, a bar appears with all open applications. With (dwell) click on the desired application, the mouse pointer focus is set on it.

This allows for space on the screen, e.g. to constantly relocate the text application to a second screen and write in it without having to explicitly click in the text window.

Thus, for better tracking resolution, the head / eye and gyroscope range can be limited to the main screen.

The keyboards can be changed at any time for individual adjustments.


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