For situations in which only extremely limited movements of a body part are possible, we have developed "VirtuSwitch" for macOS.

Here, the macOS switch control (Next, Select) is activated by means of head / eye or gyroscope control (iOS Gyroscope) plus dwell control. A combination of the virtual buttons with physical buttons is possible.

With this setup, the speaking alphabetical table with word prediction, contained in the VirtuSwitch package, is controlled.

The user is then able, with minimal movements on and between the freely placeable virtual screen buttons, to generate text.

The HELP button speaks a help text to call caregivers.

In the "Notes" application provided by the system, the words generated are documented and automatically archived.

Scripts running in the background ensure that the letter or word suggestion focus is always on the "Notes" application when the buttons are pressed.

Furthermore, "VirtuSwitch" can also be remotely controlled via the "iOS / Android Switch" app via WLAN.

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