Communication Table

The "speaking alphabetical table" with word prediction corresponds to the working principle of a classical letter board.Through the macOS switch control, two buttons (Next, Select, via mouse, keyboard or external) are used to select the corresponding line, and then the corresponding letter in this line is selected.

The first variant provides an alphabetically sorted order of letters, the second is sorted according to the frequency of the letters in German words, so statistically fewer clicks to complete a word are necessary.

If e.g. the "Notes" application provided by the system is in the foreground, a word prediction is automatically created in the top line.

This word prediction line can also be selected on the next pass, and the desired word (if appropriate) can be selected. The selected letters and words are documented in the "Notes" application.

The word or sentence building is considerably accelerated in this way.

Line color, letter and word selection can be "spoken" if needed.

The letter board can also be used as a simple on-screen keyboard for dwell-clicking applications.

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